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Addiction Counseling Education and Training

Special Populations / Cultural Competence (25 Credit Hours)

Educational Enhancement's training will help you improve your addiction counseling skills and ability to understand, communicate with, and interact with people across special populations and diverse cultures. Self-assess your self-awareness, worldview, and attitude towards diverse special populations. Gain knowledge of different cultural responses to alcohol, illicit substance use, and addiction. Learn how to apply and utilize culturally competent addiction counseling skills. Receive 25 Credit Hours and understand why it is best to use culturally responsive counseling skills with all patients and special populations in treatment with this CASAC and CASAC renewal self-study training.  You'll gain knowledge of: and the ability to understand, communicate with, and effectively interact with people across diverse cultures the 3 core elements of cultural competency- Awareness/Attitudes, Knowledge, and Skills the terms culture, race, ethnicity, diversity, and special populations SUD TX for differing races, ethnicities, and special populations, including detailed training modules for Women; Men; LGBTQ+; the Elderly; Youth and Adolescents; Veterans, the Homeless, and the dually diagnosed. Self-study, self-paced addiction counselor training includes videos, SlideShare documents, PdFs, Case Studies, short quizzes to test your knowledge, and more.  You can always access a certified professional trainer by eMail, phone, or virtual meeting.    

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